As an idea put forward by KatGledhill and TaleeshaConlan, UniSFA is working on making a (financial) year calendar in order to

a. have fun

b. raise funds for the proposed room restructure.

It will be shot by DanicaZuks at a time and place to be advised.

Members are encouraged to put their names down (below! this is a wiki...) with an idea. They will need to provide their own costumes. Group shoots are okay. Maybe they could also put other peoples' names down too, but no one is expected to go out of their comfort zone for this.

When we have a critical mass of ideas a shoot time and place will be negotiated. KatGledhill: iirc we thought it would be a good idea to reintroduce cosplay to Terracon and do the shoot down there

SIGN UPS BELOW. EvanBeasley and SamuelCochran back2back with guitar hero controllers - this'll be awesome - Evan

Apparently, me (AmberBoyatzis) in slavegirlLeia costume (to be provided by Thatcher) and Thatcher as Jabba the Hut (thatcher, how are you going to do this exactly? I don't know) - Amber

TaleeshaConlan: Maybe Thatcher should be ChewBacca

Alice in Wonderland,

KatGledhill: Is anyone interested in doing an X-men/Marvel shot with me? I was thinking of making(/getting someone else who is more talented than I to make) a Jean Grey/Marvel Girl/Phoenix cos -- [Edit] oh lol okay maybe I died my hair again and it's no longer red and can't really do the Jean Grey thing. I'll figure something out. I'd really like to do a Hitchhiker's thing and do Trillian. This would work pretty well with my Milliways in the hall.

BradKinsella: Perhaps a combined shot of the Doctors? I don't think I need to explain which one I'd be...

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